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SCHALLER GUITAR PICK UPS B42 ‘Stentor’ is the registered trademark of STENTOR MUSIC CO. LTD. Contents copyright of STENTOR MUSIC CO. LTD SC Humbucker 52244 Single coil - humbucker, black S6 Series Single coil, clear, powerful, bright sound 5224 Single open coil, black or cream S6 Vintage Series Single coil pick up with 6 different length magnets. Reliable 'original' sound with added power 5243 Black or cream 5243G Black, enclosed Single  coil  bridge  position  pick  up  with  high  power particularly in mid and high range 5228 Black or cream T6 Series Golden 50 Series Humbucking pick up with Alnico magnets, '50's' sound. Compensating   resistances   between   neck   and   bridge models for perfect balance. Micro switch 5220B Bridge position, black or cream 5220N Neck position, black or cream 2 in 1 Series High output humbucking pick up with 12 adjustable poles. Rich sustain, 'rock' sound with micro switch 5212BB Bridge position, black 5212BC Bridge position, cream 5212NB Neck position, black 5212NC    Neck position, cream Super Golden 50 Series Humbucking  pick  up  for  Jazz/Blues  sound with micro switch 5206BB   Bridge position, black 5206BC  Bridge position, cream 5206NB  Neck position, black 5206NC  Neck position, cream High  output  humbucking  pickup with twin bar magnets for 'heavy metal' sound, with micro switch 5216B Black 5216C Cream Hot Stuff Series 52244 5224 5243 5243G 5228 5220 5212 5206 5216
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