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GUITAR TUNERS AND PEDALS B57 ‘Stentor’ is the registered trademark of STENTOR MUSIC CO. LTD. Contents copyright of STENTOR MUSIC CO. LTD Schaller Volume Pedal Guitar Tuners 8000 'Wittner' quartz guitar tuner. Note selector and power switches, input and output jacks,VU meter and built in microphone. High quality 8080 Intellituner chromatic tuner. Compact and pocket size. Automatic tuning mode with LEDs. Built-in mic for acoustic 8082 Intelli Metro Tuner. Digital chromatic / guitar tuner and metronome. LCD needle display 5340 Foot pedal for guitar, organ etc Schaller Effects Unit 5316 Tremolo/vibrato unit with on/off switch and controls for frequency and amplitude. Ideal for that 'vintage' sound High  quality,  strong,  waterproof  2"  fabric  tape 'easy  tear'  type.  For  cable  fixing  and  many  other uses. 8321 50m roll, silver 8321B    50m roll, black Gaffa Tape 5340 5316 8000 8080 8321 8321B 8082
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