Andreas Zeller violin outfit

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Product Code: 1793A


  • Even grain spruce front
  • Solid maple back and ribs
  • Maple neck
  • Ebony fittings
  • Wittner tailpiece
  • P&H fibreglass bow
  • Good quality lightweight case

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Andreas Zeller instruments are made in Romania and are excellent examples of the standard of workmanship and materials available. The Zeller range has been developed by Stentor over many years, to meet the need for a good European-made student outfit, at a moderate price. The result is a Romanian instrument made with correct dimensions and thicknessing that stands out from other instruments from Romania. It is made from good quality European tonewoods, with even grain spruce front, maple back, ribs and neck and ebony fittings. It is fitted with a Wittner tailpiece with integral adjusters. This is a good quality student outfit , made from European tonewoods and produces a pleasing rounded tone. It comes complete with a P&H fibreglass bow with natural horsehair and a shaped case with integral cover