P&H Bows

Fibreglass and Carbon Fibre Bows: recommended for quality and affordability

P&H bows for violin, viola, cello and bass are recommended and used by many teachers and players worldwide for their quality and affordability. P&H fibreglass bows are more durable than wood bows and are perfect for the wear and tear of student playing. The synthetic stick is not affected by changes in humidity. P&H bows are also the only bows that you can easily rehair yourself.

P&H have researched and developed their own techniques and materials over the past 30 years to produce good quality bows that are used and recommended worldwide. P&H were one of the first companies to introduce and perfect fibreglass technology for bows.

The unique feature of P&H bows for violin, viola, cello and double bass is that they are designed to be easily rehaired at home in a few minutes. The P&H patented rehairing system allows an untrained person to replace the hair in minutes without making wooden wedges or hanks of hair.

This means your bow has a much longer life and you save money on the costs of a rehair or buying a new bow.  Find instructions on how to rehair your bow on the P&H website.

Details of all P&H fibreglass and carbon fibre bows can also be found on the P&H website